Everybody Bouts-Rimés Tonight

This is a poem of rhymed ends. One person provides a list of rhymed words and then everyone writes a poem whose lines end with those words in the same order in which they were given.

In 1864 Andre Dumas invited all the poets of France to fill in the lines for a set of rhymes that he had selected. In 1865 he published the resulting 350 poems.


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One comment

  1. my heart’s been on loan
    i’ve acted so sweet
    you wouldn’t know from my tone
    that i’ve been a cheat

    for the secrets i whisper
    you’ll forgive me in time
    you might think she’s hipper
    still through the motions we’ll mime

    i’m always the cause of your dolor
    since you refuse to see me in color

    Originally posted on April 15 2005

    Today I’m changing those last two lines to:

    you’re always the cause of my dolor
    because you refuse to see me in color

    I think it makes more sense in the context of the poem.

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