Apparently I like to count syllables…

The cinquain was invented by Adelaide Crapsey, she was inspired by Japanese poetry to develop her own system (as an aside, what do people think about the idea of creating and defining a system/form of poetry? Is it something you think is pretentious, or useful, or needs the authority of someone famous or long dead behind it?) of poetry.

Cinquains are five lines long, not rhymed, and follow a syllable pattern of 2, 4, 6, 8, 2. (I ♥ Carl Sandburg.) They can follow a pattern of word usage as well: noun, description of noun, action, feeling or effect, synonym.

Also remember anyone is free to post if there is a type of poem you’d like to see written.

*poetry board that did an exercise with cinquains, where I read about the word usage.
AHA poetry, they like counting syllables too.

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  1. almost a cinquain

    you left
    your second condom
    on the chair beside
    my bed. I hope you don’t
    need it.

    Originally posted June 10 2005

  2. Whose toes,
    Curled beneath
    the blanket, digging in?
    Could have been anyone’s, even your
    Cat feet.

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